Brian Harman reflects on 'incredible' Ryder Cup experience

League: Golf

Posted on: 14 Nov, 2023 at 07:58 PM

Credit: Garry Smits/The Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

Brian Harman will close out his PGA Tour schedule the same way he has 11 previous years, with a home game on St. Simon Island, Ga.

However, he returns to the RSM Classic in a far different light than any of the past years.

Harman claimed his first major title at The Open in July, qualified for the Tour Championship and earned a spot on his first Ryder Cup team.

It has been a career year by all measuring sticks for the 36-year-old, who is the highest-ranked player in this week's field by a wide margin at No. 9. Harman is the only top-10 player in a tournament comprised primarily of players battling for 2024 playing status.

"I don't see myself any differently. I'm just going to keep working as hard as I can," he said on Tuesday.

Harman said his Open victory brought increased commitments off the course, forcing him to adapt to a new set of obligations. He hasn't teed it up since the Ryder Cup two months ago, and has been enjoying downtime while trying to rest up from a grueling year.

However, he insists the desire to work hard on his game remains as strong as ever as he looks ahead to 2024.

"We operate on these razor thin margins and a couple shots a day and you're out of the game. I mean, it can happen so quick," he said. "And I like operating on that edge. I like it mattering, I like when it means the most, I like where that puts my head as far as like how hard I work.

"It's in constant motion. It's kind of like you're either getting better or you're getting worse and your mindset in the way that you approach everything is sort of what determines what part of that projection you're on."

Harman admitted the state of his golf game this week is yet to be determined. But he's in a comfort zone at a place where he tied for second last year and can drive to from his home.

What's for certain is that Harman relishes his accomplishments this year. He checked off massive career goals with a major title and experiencing the Ryder Cup as a player. Harman went 2-2-0 for the United States team that lost 16.5-11.5 to the Europeans in Rome.

"My expectations for the Ryder Cup were exceeded as far as my experience was," he said. "My favorite part of it was getting to know all the guys on the team at a more like intimate level.

"It was so cool to be up close and watch like elite golfers compete, and so for me it was incredible."

--Field Level Media