Christian McCaffrey’s mom claims 49ers’ hotel fire alarm was ‘inside job’

League: NFL

Posted on: 09 Feb, 2024 at 09:04 PM

Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Christian McCaffrey's mother claimed to have "a little insider info" when she said an errant fire alarm at the San Francisco 49ers' team hotel in Las Vegas was pulled as part of an "inside job."

Lisa McCaffrey said she was 100 percent sure of the accusation as she spoke with co-host Ashley Adamson during a taping of their podcast, "Your Mom," at radio row before the 49ers face the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII.

The team confirmed there was a surprise fire alarm at about 6 a.m. on Thursday morning. Nobody was forced to evacuate the building, according to the hotel, because there was no emergency.

"So their hotel's (on) big-time lockdown so I don't think it was like a fan infiltrating," Lisa McCaffrey said. "I bet it was maybe like an employee from Kansas City."

She and Adamson went on to joke that they could figure out the culprit if they could interrogate a list of hotel employees about their allegiances.

False fire alarms going off at team hotels as an act of potential gamesmanship is nothing new. A New England Patriots fan was even arrested in January 2017 for pulling a fire alarm in the middle of the night at the hotel where the rival Pittsburgh Steelers were staying before the AFC Championship Game.

But the Niners are taking the alarm as an affront. Lisa's son, who was named NFL Offensive Player of the Year later Thursday, also pointed a finger at the Chiefs.

"I think there's no way it's random," Christian McCaffrey said. "It's part of it. It's just more wood thrown on the fire."

"I'm sure somebody did it," Nick Bosa said. "It kind of reminded me of Philly when they had this construction going on outside. It was early in the morning and they were like demolishing a bridge right outside of our hotel. We haven't had the best luck. But no excuses."

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